Superb partners with the very best platforms and solutions, including live shopping.


Bambuser is the world’s leading Live Video Shopping SaaS provider with best-in-class solutions that offer incredible stats like 36% add-to-cart.


Increase conversion and boost brand loyalty with private, shoppable video calls with your brand experts.

What we offer...

Superb offers professional live streaming shows, delivering product expertise through presenters with an infectious personality, in an enthusiastic sales environment.

Our shows connect with audiences on an emotional level, leveraging the brand, and providing product insights beyond any other online shopping experience. Find a new audience to shop your products and experience your brand.

Our 4K Production Studios...

Our studios are custom-built for the audience, providing spaces for product display, guest interaction, and engaging content. We invest in the best technology to deliver high-quality production, and ensure all design and styling fits with the brand.

Our solutions are built for success, extending the brand experience, providing a rich, immersive and exciting platform for audience communication: encouraging, interaction and engagement, enquiries and sales.

Our Partners

We provide livestream solutions for all social media platforms.


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