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BOX PARK – Multi-Merchant Marketplace

It’s in the heart of Shoreditch, a hype and vibrant location, that Boxpark is located. Capturing the exciting and youthful energy of the area, it’s a one-stop destination that showcases trending designers, fashion stores, art galleries and welcoming cafes, in synch with East London’s dynamic environment.

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Boxpark opened in 2011, as the world’s first pop-up mall. Built using a series of shipping containers, each refitted and redesigned as a retail unit, it has revitalized the environment, allowing a multitude of established and up-coming brands to reach new customers.


Designed to support a massive stream of backend operations, Superb has delivered a solid e-commerce platform that is both user-friendly and powerful, allowing each stores to sell their unique products online in one communal website marketplace.


Running on ‘Magento Enterprise Edition’ as the core e-Commerce platform, the uniqueness of this project required us to develop a very bespoke and tailored solution. The enhancements specially developed for the Boxpark project guarantee a reliable and capable outlet which can expedite the activity between physical stores and online outlets.


The Magento environment was once more the successful choice, providing a scalable and resilient structure. The Boxpark website is an agile platform that aggregates a multitude of retailers in a single digital destination, offering a diverse multi-retailer shopping environment.

Boxpark’s new website had to reflect the spirit of the pop-up mall as not one individual merchant but a group of independent stores brought together in a single space and help support retailers in promoting and selling their products on and offline.


Due to the nature of the business, we had to create a viable platform that could support multiple vendors while allowing each store to manage its own stock and retail process.

Alongside the choice of a Magento platform, the website for Boxpark required improvements and integrations from third party suppliers, extending the functionality of Magento in order to provide a Multi-Retailer shopping environment:

    • Integration with the Ebizmarts POS extension to process in-store purchases: This integration and software runs on iPad, allowing staff to move freely within a shop.
    • Development of a Custom PO (Purchase Orders) approval system: when an order is placed, a request is sent to the retailers which have 24 hours to approve it and the customer is only charged for the approved items. This system helps reduce the number of refunds and improves the online shopping experience.
    • Creation of an automated RMA process: a good online shopping experience also accounts for possible returns, a process that has to be easy and smooth to guarantee satisfaction. With our custom RMA solution, the customer can request a product return online by simply using the customer area on the website. This request is then approved by the store and instructions are sent to the customer on how to undertake the return.
    • Creation of customized reports within the Vendor Portal and Admin Panel: store owners can log in to the portal and have access to personalized reports on stock, sales, performance and other retail indicators.
    • Development of Social Login/Register and Social Share functions: with this function users have the ability to login to the store using their social account details. In order to promote viral exposure, the new products, promotions and special events can easily be shared across social media platforms by store visitors.
    • The site was mobile and tablet optimized to enhance the user experience and to allow multi device purchasing and browsing.


The use of a Magento platform alongside a good understanding of the client’s needs lead to the success of this project! Faced with a challenging retail model, Superb created a digital environment that reflects the concept and vision behind such an impressive project. In one unique e-commerce website, we brought together different spaces of retail, improving performance, client reach and volume of business, providing an award winning solution which allows Boxpark to provide full and rounded shopping experience to its users.

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