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The company started as a small family-owned wholesale company in the thirties, in London. Today they are one of the largest cycling distributor in the country and continue to grow, this is due to their passion and understanding of the business, innovating and changing to adapt to the present needs of both the market and their dealers. Their philosophy is to connect specialist brands with specialist retailers, while providing an exceptional service.

As a B2B supplier and distributor of bicycles, bike accessories, components and cycling apparel, Fisher Outdoor Leisure is a company that has made a big name for themselves in the UK cycling industry, becoming one of the UK’s leading and Award Winning Distributors.

As part of Fishers continued growth, they contracted a large Magento Gold Partner to build a new B2B solution. After 18 months of development, the new site had still not been completed and there was a huge number of performance issues which were a result of poorly integrated custom functionality by the Magento Gold Partner.

The agency had failed to deliver the final solution and to fix the issues which they had created. Fisher reached out to Superb for help, after a complete site audit, Superb worked with Fisher’s ecommerce and marketing team to systematically fix and address all of the performance issues.

How We Helped

Superb were able to rescue the project, we optimised the performance of the site and have been working with Fisher ever since, becoming an integral part of their e-commerce team. It’s been just over 3 years since the project commenced and we continue to work with Fisher under an SLA, helping to plan and develop their functional road map and continue to help in their growth.

Fisher’s success was recognized recently when they were awarded the prestigious Omni Channel Supplier of the Year Award from Halford for their B2B solution.

The Fisher Outdoor Leisure website was designed and developed specifically for the B2B marketplace, allowing trade users to quickly and easily select and purchase products in bulk to replenish store stock levels. The goal was to develop a fast and reliable digital platform that could sustain a heavy flow of B2B operations and visitors, whilst being user-friendly and easy to navigate.

The integration and improvements were made through the customization of a Magento Enterprise Edition solution, Superb tailored the site to be responsive, resilient and reliable, with unique features including full real time integration with an ERP solution called Epicor 9.

The integration provides the dealer with real time stock and product availability, the ability to purchase products by credit card or on account and to receive an invoice for the order. Invoice history is visible in the dealer administration area and pushed to the backend solution. The dealers agreed monthly account limit is visible in the header of the site, allowing the dealer to quickly see their available spend based on the agreed credit limit.

Our continued focus has been on enhancing and optimising the user journey, working with Fishers ecommerce team undertaking A/B tests of new functional releases and gaining real user feedback and insight from customer groups to enhance the sites functionality. Fishers users need to quickly discover and order multiple bike components, parts and products. As B2B users with multiple store locations, it’s essential to simplify and enhance the user journey to facilitate a quick and simple shopping experience, while utilising technology to make bulk ordering and product discoverability a quick and accurate process.

Custom Product Listing Page

Through heat mapping and conversion analysis, it was established that the user journey could be shortened by allowing the user to directly purchase products from the the product listing page, without the need to visit the product detail page. The product listing page was redesigned and customized to allow users to order products in bulk and in multiple quantities in a listview, while providing a summary of product information. The changes resulted in further positive dealer feedback with an increase in both sales and conversion. This is now a very important part of the shopping experience. Ranges of new products are promoted in advance of sale on the B2B solution, to gauge dealer interest and to allow dealers to commence the process of pre-sales within their retail outlet. In order to allow dealers to plan their inventory and select the new products they wish to sell before the product release date, it was established that the site functionality needed to be extended.

Custom Multi-wish List

Superb integrated a custom multi-wish list function, this allowed dealers to create multiple wish lists of products, each with unique titles saved to the dealer’s administration area. The dealer can select a pre-saved wish list and instantly add all saved products to their basket for sale. The results helped to further increase sales and conversion, increased new product awareness and enquiries. This function is now also used by dealers to pre-plan their monthly ordering.

Elastic Search

Site search is an extremely important part of the user journey, dealers need the ability to search for products by name, category, part number etc. Solr search was integrated into the site and immediately both search results and search usage increased, allowing dealers to receive much more relevant results.

We have continued to work with Fisher improving the relevance of the results and fine tuning the configuration of Solr. Results were of a much higher standard but still minor issues in relevancy were occurring. Superb decided to take a step back to re-evaluate the search requirements. Our innovation team developed a new search facility which is based upon Elastic search, this new facility is self learning and extremely intelligent, it provides real time instant predicted results with amazing accuracy.

The new search facility is currently being beta tested pending deployment on the live site, test have show a 15% increase in relevancy and we believe that after testing this will be higher as the system continues to learn.

Product Information Management

Not only are we focused on supporting the front end of the the site, we are also focused on helping with the data and administration of products and information by our client’s teams. Our methodology is to help and support our clients to improve workflow and to develop and create solutions which simplify administration.

With this in mind we integrated the Superb Product Information Management Solution (PIM), with both Magento Enterprise and Epicor, allowing brand managers and merchandisers to administer product information in a web based visual interface. Our PIM is designed to quickly and easily administer product records, filtering results in real time, creating new product categories and stocking products in seconds and creating work flow to assess in stock products which were pending content or not live. Our solution has allowed Fisher to extend their product range and to improve visual merchandising on the site, reducing labour and allowing resources to spend a greater level of time on promotional activities.

The Results

The Fisher Outdoor Leisure B2B platform provides an award winning shopping experience for its users. By working with Superb, Fisher have been able to enhance and continually develop and extend their Magento Enterprise solution, providing a richer and simplified shopping experience which is based on real customer feedback.

By listening to their customer’s requirements and creating customised functional changes to Magento, Superb have been able to support Fisher in the growth and popularity of their B2B platform. This has resulted in a dramatic increase in both sale, conversion and basket value. Customers are ordering more, through successful merchandising, product discovery, cross selling, up selling and promotional activity. We continue to work and support Fisher, working with the combined goal of providing an outstanding customer experience.

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