Fisher Outdoor Leisure

Support + Maintenance

The company started as a small family-owned wholesale company in the thirties, in London. Today they are one of the largest cycling distributor in the country and continue to grow, this is due to their passion and understanding of the business, innovating and changing to adapt to the present needs of both the market and their dealers. Their philosophy is to connect specialist brands with specialist retailers, while providing an exceptional service.

As a B2B supplier and distributor of bicycles, bike accessories, components and cycling apparel, Fisher Outdoor Leisure is a company that has made a big name for themselves in the UK cycling industry, becoming one of the UK’s leading and Award Winning Distributors.


As part of Fishers continued growth, they contracted a large Magento Gold Partner to build a new B2B solution. After 18 months of development, the new site had still not been completed and there was a huge number of performance issues which were a result of poorly integrated custom functionality by the Magento Gold Partner.


The agency had failed to deliver the final solution and to fix the issues which they had created. Fisher reached out to Superb for help, after a complete site audit, Superb worked with Fisher’s ecommerce and marketing team to systematically fix and address all of the performance issues.


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