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Monster Supplements is a nutritional supplements company founded in 1994 by Mark Bowering, a competitive bodybuilder from Yorkshire. The idea was to offer top quality products at the best value, offering an alternative to the high streets astronomical prices. From a simple idea to the opening of their first retail store, in 1996, the company has grown into one of the leading industry names in the UK.

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Today, with sixteen years of experience, Monster Supplements is the largest independent sports and nutrition supplements store in the country. They have been able to keep true to their promise to ‘Deliver top quality sports supplements at the very best prices in record time’. Their goal is to help each person to achieve their dream physique, offering a range of supplements curated by an expert team of Nutritionists and MMA professionals.


The Monster Supplements website was designed to be a fast and user-friendly digital outlet, fully responsive for all platforms such as desktop, mobile and tablet, allowing customers a smooth experience powered by specific functionalities to cater to their needs.


The Magento platform solution proved to be, once more, the right choice for such a complex and multi-faceted project, optimizing the overall performance and user-experience in an extremely feature rich environment.


With personalized UX and IA integration within a Magento environment, Monster’s website was elevated to achieve its best results and execute a multitude of activities, both in the front and back-end, supporting high levels of traffic without disruption.

The website is all about the user, providing an outstanding experience rich with information, support and goal based editorial content. The focus of the project was to develop a rich experience and to help users find the best products, search reviews and make comparisons. Building a loyal customer base and community through technology.

Monster’s website is a highly technical platform, optimized to enhance performance and speed by providing faster indexing, full page caching and delivering a high page and server load speed, with service response time being less than 1.5 seconds on deployment to live environment.

The site is fully integrated with Sage 200 which manages stock levels, new customers details, order status, payments and refunds, among others, in real time.

We optimised conversion to ensure that from the moment a client accesses the website to the final transaction, the process feels fluid and effortless, converting high sales rates and increasing basket value.

The website functionality included:

    • Cross Selling of related products and multi-buys through Recommend Pro.
    • Product Bundle Deals
    • Subscribe and buy
    • Free Gifts on selected purchases and reward points
    • Customer Reviews
    • Social login and Social Share
    • Click to re-order
    • Collect+
    • Upselling products on checkout through Recommend Pro.
    • Single Page Checkout
  • Paypal Multicurrency

The development of the Monster Supplements website was a complex project that alongside a sustainable Magento integration required a multitude of improvements and the creation of specific portals to manage other retail/wholesale processes. From providing a fast and dependable platform and a straightforward purchase process, to the on-point promotion though cross-selling and upselling and endorsement of social media sharing, the results of our 360º approach to the business needs were seen immediately in an increase in basket value, conversion and sales across all channels and operational screens.

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