Collect Plus – a solution for small e-commerce sites.

One of the latest phenomena’s to revolutionise the e-commerce scene, particularly in the UK is Collect Plus. CollectPlus is the largest store-based parcel service in the UK, designed to make your life easier, whether you are a merchant or a consumer.


There are three main types of services that CollectPlus offers and all of them are tailored to deliver speedy transactions of postage materials and smooth deliveries of parcels.


CollectPlus offers an affordable ‘Send’ service for sellers & small businesses. The process could not be easier. If you are a merchant online or otherwise, you can simply visit their website and organise the sending of goods out to your customers.


The process is as follows, you will have to enter the destination of your parcel and then select its size and the speed of delivery your customer has requested. Prices vary depending on the weight of your item and the cost of delivery will also depend on whether you require standard delivery ( typically 2 working days) or economy delivery ( 3-5 working days). Finally you need to select the level of tracking you require from CollectPlus; 50- 300 pounds is the options available and this allows you to cover damages, track the items journey online and receive a signature from the recipient.


Once you have selected all the relevant criteria, you then need to pay for your delivery and print your labels. The packages comprised of your customers ordered goods, need to have the labels adorned before they are deposited at your nearest CollectPlus store, of which there are 5,500 nationwide. You only have to search for your nearest store by entering your postcode on the CollectPlus website. Once the package is dropped at your nearest store, you can sit back and relax ( although you may want to follow its journey online).

One of the drawbacks of this otherwise excellent service, is that it only allows you to send packages up to 10kg. Bad news if you run a business specialising in heavy duty equipment. For online fashion retailers however, this is perfect. On a plus side, you can create an account with CollectPlus to see your parcel history and even link it to your eBay account, where you can download the addresses of previous customers.


When it comes to return policies, CollectPlus offers a simple and convenient solution.


You or your customer can book a delivery to have unwanted goods returned. The customer just needs to go online, make a payment, download a PDF label and then attach it to their returns parcel. Should your customer notify you that they want to return their goods, you can book the return with CollectPlus and then email your customer the labels they will need to attach to their parcels. When the parcel is dropped off at a CollectPlus point, a receipt will be issued as proof-of-postage and a tracking code will be given to your customer, so that they can follow the return items journey online. You can make it even easier for your customers, by offering a link to the CollectPlus booking page, where they can find their address already listed, which they will just have to click once to confirm and print.


Thirdly, CollectPlus offers the growing trend of Click and Collect, whereby consumers can buy from an online store and then pick up the item at their nearest CollectPlus outlet. This is an increasingly popular alternative to the traditional buy online and wait for home delivery option. It offers freedom and flexibility and has become a real in-demand service amongst consumers, one that online retailers cant afford to not provide, if they want to get ahead in the increasingly competitive world of online retail.


CollectPlus works with a range of top high street retailer to provide Click and Collect, sadly this service does not cover small businesses. If you have a bricks and mortar store however, it is well worth your time to offer a pick up in-house option to your customers. Once in store customers may embark on a more in-depth shopping experience, be exposed to products in the flesh and may very likely make more purchases. Furthermore, 79% of consumers have used Click-and-Collect as a means of shopping online, this is a significant figure and one which no savvy E-commerce retailer can ignore.


Collect Plus is an incredibly convenient service, that you can use regularly for all your small business delivery and return of stock needs. It saves you from the burden of excessive admin costs and provides your customers with a brand name they can trust, when waiting for deliveries and sending return items. Using CollectPlus allows you to work in harmony with a larger courier service, that can take care of your deliveries safely and efficiently, enhancing your customers experiences with your business, in a way which will increase levels of repeat sales and enhance your brands value.