Fashion brands are moving into beauty

It seems a common theme of late for fashion brands to branch out into the beauty sector, with many high street fashion brands now offering makeup ranges in-store and online. So why the sudden spike in fashion-beauty crossover? M&S and Topshop have offered makeup ranges for years, yet it is only now that the likes of H&M, boohoo and Urban Outfitters are getting involved. Let’s look at why that is.

Beauty is booming


Although sales in fashion dipped in 2016, the beauty business kept on growing. The US beauty market, in particular, is predicted to be worth $90bn by 2020. Running alongside the new beauty industry growth is a boom in the mass-market industry- that is discount products aimed primarily at lower-middle and working-class consumers. Experienced retailers in the fashion industry will tell you that while there is money to be made by selling beauty products, it does not pay to treat them as an afterthought. Fashion brands that have been successful at the beauty game have featured their products in the middle of their stores, giving them prominence and personality, rather than stocking them at the counter, on the off chance a customer might be interested.

A chance to be a one-stop shop


Providing consumers with everything they need in one store or website is a great way to get in their good books. It is convenient and practical for consumers to buy all their products in one place and given that makeup is an extension of style, it makes sense to assume consumers will be in the market for beauty products when they are in a fashion store. Beauty products also lead to bath and body ranges and should you successfully suck your customers in with beauty ranges they will no doubt stick around for bath and body offerings.


Upscaling and repurchasing potential is huge


The great thing about makeup is that it needs to be replenished. Makeup runs out and it is a vital item for many shoppers. Consumers can be targeted online, through email marketing, to persuade them to re-buy the products they have previously bought at the time it is thought that they are likely to run out. Through data analysis, a personalised, tailored email can be sent to customers, letting them know that their previous purchases are in stock and available. If you really want to make friends, offer your customers their repeat purchase items at a marked down price. Customers will love you for it and you will generate increased levels of brand loyalty.


Get on board with influencers and the skies the limit


By partnering with influencers on Social Media, fashion brands can increase their reach massively. Social Media is great for marketing makeup. There is so much creative content you can make to promote your products. Makeup tutorials and reviews are easily put together and they showcase makeup products very effectively. Plus influencers will be only too happy to promote your stock in exchange for free samples.


Selling makeup allows you to increase your in-store footfall and increase sales through repeat purchases and what with Social Media providing the perfect platform upon which to promote makeup products, there has never been a better time for fashion brands to enter the beauty market.