What Generation Z wants to see from your brand on social media.

If your brand is marketing its products to the tech-savvy demographic known as Generation Z, those born in 1995 and onwards, you need to learn more about what it is that makes this consumer set tick and what they want from an online experience. Learning what this generation of digital natives wants from its favourite brands on social media is crucial if you want to increase your digital sales.


Generation Z is more au fait with apps and social media than any previous generation and they are therefore more selective about what they invest their time and energy in. They have strong views about what constitutes good and bad social content. Here’s how you can ensure that what you produce will attract this young consumer group.


Make sure your content has Gen. Z input

For your content to be Generation Z approved, it must have Generation Z input. It is immediately apparent to Generation Z when the content that they consume on social media is written by marketing executives who are not part of the generation that they are trying to appeal to. The colloquialisms they use appear contrived and their tone comes across as jarring. With the oldest Generation Z now 23 years old and entering the workforce, there is no reason why brands can’t employ young people and integrate them into their creative strategy team to help implement the voice of their social channels.


add gen z employees to your company



Employ influencers

User-generated creative content appeals massively to Generation Z. For them, engaging with a brand’s social channels that have been made by the audience they are intended for makes for a much better experience. For brand managers, this can seem daunting. Handing over brand control to outsiders can strike fear into the hearts of CEOs, but it doesn’t have to be like that. In slackening the reins slightly, you end up collaborating with those who understand your audience better than you do, and this only breeds success.


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Forget what you heard about the length

Contrary to what you may have heard, Generation Z is not so incapable of concentrating that their attention spans only last 30 seconds. You do not have to create content pieces that are only ever short. Good content is good content. As long as it is engaging and high quality, your audience will consume it. Whether it’s 30 seconds or 30 minutes, as long as the content entertains, it will resonate with your audience and your message, if coherent, will be absorbed.


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Keep it positive

If you really want to create social content that’s pleasing to your audience of Generation Z, make it positive! This generation of consumers has been inundated with terrible news stories since it was born.  These are young people used to turning on various media outlets and receiving an onslaught of news about divisive politics and economic meltdown.


Branded content that comes in the form of empowering social good is a welcomed release.  Better still, if you offer opportunities for consumers to get involved with worthwhile causes that align with their own values, you will succeed even more at generating a positive rapport with a Generation Z audience.


Making your social channels appealing to Generation Z requires a lot of soul-searching. The most effective way of exuding the tone and values of a generation is involving members of said generation in strategy creation. Collaborating with Generation Z when you create your content is the best way to convey honesty and integrity in your messaging and through this, you will experience engagement and higher sales.