How to create share-worthy videos.

If you have created a great video that you are convinced will appeal to your target market which is stacked with creative and engaging content, you have a good starting point. But the name of the game in video is creating something that people will want to share. Most brands find themselves in a situation where they are dying to stand out with their cutting edge products and unique brand image, but they are not willing to invest in a creative budget. They also have a lack of belief in what video can really help their brand achieve. Videos are almost just created by brands as part of a box-ticking exercise. With so much tired, uninspiring content out there, isn’t it time brands took a new approach to video creation, so that they can get those all important shares up once and for all?


First off, when you are creating videos, you have to know who it is you are aiming them at. What is it your customers need from you in order to make a purchasing decision? Because the answers to those questions should form the content of your videos in some cases. Customers who are shortlisting your products and adding them to their carts want succinct content that explains to them in better detail what it is they are buying and why it outperforms other similar products. Those at an earlier stage of the buying process might just want an entertaining video, to make their online shopping trip more fun. Either way video content should enhance the user journey, by either entertaining or informing the customer.  What constitutes entertaining or informing content should be guided by your customer’s tastes, hence knowing your customer’s mindsets will benefit you hugely.


It’s important to avoid creating long winded videos that don’t get to the point or give the user the information they need. This becomes tedious and not only will your customers feel uninspired, they may be compelled to leave your site altogether before completing their sales.

Mobile is a big part of the customer journey. Loading speed on mobile is paramount and this goes for your video format and content as well.


In terms of what your content should be comprised of, if you truly want to make your videos engaging, they need to be one if not all of the following; interesting, useful, entertaining. Without these three components, video just becomes a boring infomercial, the type that is just comprised of company history and what sets it apart from competitors. It is only when video is filled with entertaining, useful or interesting content does it grow in appeal and become share-worthy.


When we speak about interesting content, we mean that which surprises the viewer, teaches them something they don’t know or is credible and relevant and on occasion tells a story.


To make your videos more useful, include content that is informative. Create your content so that it includes answers to questions, in a punchy, succinct, short and sharp way.  Show off your products but not in a showy way and include all the information about the product that you think will be of interest to consumers. Use video SEO so people can find the answers to their questions.


Finally, make your content as entertaining as possible. This is the hard part- you want to be funny without being contrived. You have to be creative and you have to take risks. Trust your gut that you truly understand what is funny to your target market and take it from there, safe in the knowledge that you get their humour.  The content doesn’t necessarily have to be about your brand or your product, just make sure it is straight off the bat entertaining and you will have users hooked and they will no doubt share your content.


In short, your video needs to be to the point, simple and succinct. Try and inform your users, give them something useful to digest and where you can provide some laughs. These ingredients dispersed across your content will result in levels of video shares that you can’t even imagine.