How to create the perfect slogan

Slogans are an intrinsic part of a brand’s identity. They are a crucial part of the selling process. Find the right one that resonates with your target market and you’re laughing. You can go on to see sales increase and your brand’s reach increase ten-fold. So what is a slogan? How can they revolutionise your business and what are some great examples?


A slogan or a tagline brings a business to life. A succinct phrase that encapsulates all that a brand is and communicates effectively its style and ethos, is the essence of a great slogan.


For slogans to be effective, they must be short, sweet and to the point. This is what helps to make them powerful. Short, snappy messages are easy to remember and therefore the consumer will think about your brand on either a conscious or unconscious level, leading them to discuss your brand or better still purchase your products. Slogans like this are often lyrical in style and when set to music stick even stronger in our collective mindsets.


Great slogans also provide incentives. A great slogan should point out what’s great about your brand or product, resulting in consumers feeling compelled to purchase what’s on offer.  They should also elicit a positive feeling. They should project good sentiments that are relatable and irrefutably good, allowing the consumer to feel an emotional bond with your brand. And finally, a good slogan should allow a brand to let consumers know why it’s different, how its unique attributes combine to provide a service or experience that won’t be found elsewhere.


Here are some examples of great slogans:


L’Oreal: Because you’re worth it


This is a great slogan. What it does is encourages the consumer to make the purchase in the first instance. It acknowledges that luxury items- in this case, make-up, are not necessities but that the customer should purchase them anyway, as they are worthy of such treats and indulgences.


Subway: Eat fresh


The strength in this one lies in its length.The shortness of the slogan means that the whole brand ethos has been summed up in just two words. Just two words are all it takes to say what the brand is about. This exudes confidence and transparency and lets the customer know exactly what they are dealing with.


Tesco: Every little helps


This one lets the customer feel safe and valued. It makes it clear that this is a corporation that cares and has a human face. The customer is able to see this brand as more than just a faceless entity, it is rooted in help and good service.


Nike: Just do it


This is marketing at its most inspirational. Just do it, is Nike’s way of saying you are made for greatness and all you have to do is start your journey on that path. Inspiring and uplifting, the slogan encapsulates what Nike is trying to be and in turn empowers the consumer.


So there we have it, a selection of slogans and why they work. Your brand can create a slogan with the potential to achieve iconic status if you keep in mind that there is a certain formula, as loose as it may be. You must write slogans that are short, to the point and entirely representative of your brand. If they bring about action and prompt a desired behaviour -even better.