How to shout about your e-commerce site on social media

You might have the slickest, fastest loading website that is ranking very well on Google, but having an effective Social Media strategy that bolsters your brand and hammers home all of its positive attributes, should still be a priority. In fact, it is vital that you include social media in your marketing mix, when you shout about your products and services online. There are many ways that you can effectively use Social Media to communicate who you are and what you do, in a positive way. Let’s take a look at what those are.


Many of the top brand’s Social Media accounts, are run in a way that makes them seem like they are controlled by the fans of the brands themselves. An enthusiasm for the product is conveyed through the content in many of the posts that you will find on top brand’s Twitter and Facebook accounts. Passion and excitement is woven into the tone of the posts. So, be your own biggest fan and share the positive attributes of your business, with vigour and enthusiasm.


It pays to segment your Social Media strategy by interest. A simple generic one size fits all Facebook post, is not effective at all if you have a large audience comprised of consumers who follow you for different reasons, neither is just one channel if you have many facets to who you are as a brand. You may want to create separate pages for specific products, that consumers will be exclusively interested in, above all of your other offerings.  Each account you run and monitor, can offer targeted content, tailored to meet the needs and expectations of those who follow you on those channels specifically.


There may be temptation to be present on all Social Media channels, especially when there is a feeling amongst Digital Marketers that the more online presence you have, the more effective your SEO efforts will be. However, it is much more advantageous to appear only on the platforms that  your core audience inhabits. Posting on sites that don’t resonate with your audience, where your content is unlikely to be read is a waste of time and effort.


When it comes to content, short and snappy is always the best option. The BBC are masters at this art. On their channels they manage to convey a point or narrative succinctly and articulately, with as little characters as possible, without taking away from the overriding meaning of the posts. This approach is ripe for the internet age and resonates well with millennials, to whom time is of the essence and information is something that should be easily digestible. Look to share memes, GIFs and video content that sums up your message quickly, where possible.


Be aware of your personality. Who are you as a brand and as a company? How do you want to portray yourself? Are you fun and quirky, or more sincere? Keep a clear definition of who you are in mind, when you write your posts and your authentic personality will soon shine through.


It is important, even once you have your Social Media strategy in place and once you have settled on which channels to use and the types of content to share that you keep adapting and evolving. The world of Social Media is always changing and being alert to these changes, can be the difference between a following that grows and one that stagnates. Knowing what hashtags will increase your post reach and what image sizes will prove most popular with your audience, are examples of the types of knowledge you need to have at your disposal, so that you can create a robust and dynamic Social Media strategy. This strategy needs to compliment the rest of your marketing mix, promoting your brand, increasing your traffic levels and ultimately leading you to more sales.