Improving conversion with cross selling and up-selling

Cross selling and up-selling are extremely important tactics in the journey of many E-commerce sites, to gain a healthy level of revenue and site traffic.


By showing relevant products to your site visitors, you have the opportunity of completing sales at the second time of asking. Whereas originally your products may have been rejected or over looked, offering similar products to consumers that vary only slightly in terms of colour or size, can still win you those vital sales.


What is key, is determining an effective way of showing relevant products to your visitors.


The challenge is to analyse accurately what your visitors are doing and what products they are buying. This is a difficult task, but one which can be made easier with the help from expert solution providers, namely; Rocket.


Rocket is an extremely powerful cross selling, cross marketing, recommendation engine, which monitors each users session, on any given site and assesses performance, conversions and engagement, at product level. Rocket intelligently assesses user data and recommends similar products and also variations on the same product and cross sells and up-sells to the user to increase conversions. By analysing what your visitors are doing, Rocket knows what products are being viewed, put in baskets or checked out. Rocket also knows which products are often bought together. Its powerful use of data capture to deliver a clear and decisive picture of how your customers are interacting with your site, offers you a valuable chance to maximise sale potential.


Rocket integrates seamlessly with Magento, the framework for 25% of all E-commerce sites, as a lightweight plug-in, simple to install and configure.


Due to its advanced demographic filter, Rocket allows sites to now display different banners and products to users, depending on a variety of different variables, which include product interest, most viewed product, interests and browser history. Visitors to sites can be presented with alternative product options of the utmost accuracy and relevance, to their previous searches.  The segmentation process can be based on existing or custom attributes. Country or language for example can also form the basic framework for analysis into purchasing behaviour and subsequent up-selling.


Allowing banners and products to be customised and displayed to pre-defined individual groups of users has been proven to be a real way to effectively up-sell and cross sell on E-commerce platforms.


Further features of Rocket include the sites overall ability to show product recommendations on home pages, as well as product pages. Indeed, with Rocket you can show intelligent recommendations throughout the consumer journey. To avoid monotony and to provide interesting design facets, you can also display product recommendations differently on different pages. Customer behaviour data sent to rocket servers to be processed and interpreted, is done in real-time and will not cause a slowing down of your server.


Rocket is one of many servers that looks to process and interpret customer behaviour on your site, to fully understand what products customers are interested in and what products should be displayed throughout their purchase journey, in order to encourage as many up-sales as possible. The key is to extract data based on specific demographics, as this will allow for a more accurate targeting of individuals with products most suited to their past interests and purchases.


Up-selling and cross selling is key to completing more sales and therefor increasing revenue, for E-commerce sites. Give it serious thought and then implement it in your site.

Contact us for more information on how we can integrate Rocket onto your site, so you too can enjoy the increased level of sales, that can come your way through up-selling.