20th January 2018

Lookbooks that Encourage Sales

Lookbooks that Encourage Sales

Lookbooks are a great way for brands to showcase their products and ranges in a way that puts them in context and highlights other accompanying items, more often than not this results in increased sales. Lookbooks allow brands to highlight certain themes and trends and offer the consumer a snapshot of a lifestyle that is theirs to purchase. When done well lookbooks are slick, interactive and immersive. When these qualities are on display sales skyrocket. Let’s take a look at the brands out there that are successfully bolstering sales through their lookbooks.


Uniqlo is killing it on the lookbook front! With their offering, there is no need for cumbersome clicking into images that don’t load. The lookbook is laid out in a grid style, allowing you to view everything all in one go. This results in the consumer’s eye naturally drifting towards the image he/she finds most appealing, without having to do much legwork. Instead of clicking back and forth the consumer can just look at what’s in front of them and decide whether or not they want to make a purchase. Uniqlo lets the consumer get a feel for its entire range all in one go. Another great feature of Uniqlo’s lookbook is that the consumer is able to shop the entire look when they click on any image. The consumer can add any of the items in the image to their basket. This is a great feature and an easy way to upsell. The consumer, already keen and interested in the style and feel of a certain image has all the items in that image laid out in front of them and is encouraged to buy more, in-spite of only having originally been interested in one item.

LK Bennet

LK Bennet offers a very detailed lookbook. It shows text on each image, so consumers will only need to click on the images of items they are interested in. More often than not lookbooks just showcase a series of images and consumers have to trawl through each one that they are interested in, to find out more details in order to make an informed purchase. Shoppers quickly get bored of this routine. To really offer an enticing retail experience, brands need to guarantee a low-effort procedure for consumers. By showing on the images a great deal of text about the featured product’s attributes, LK Bennet gives shoppers enough information to allow them to make swift and informed decisions about whether or not to purchase the items. In an aesthetically pleasing twist, they even give some outfits the luxury of being featured over two images, to really push them at consumers.


Monsoon has gone all fashion editorial with their lookbook. Each season they lay out a range of looks, often categorized into different themes. Annoyingly, every image takes you directly to a product page when you click on it, instead of allowing you to just select the items you want to buy and add them to your basket. However, the integrated copy helps set the scene and give background and context to all the featured items, providing the inspiration that shoppers need to proceed to the checkout. Monsoon has made sure their mobile site is excellent too. Users can easily click through to product pages and other areas of the Monsoon site on their mobiles.

Lookbooks are a great way of tempting consumers to make a purchase. Featuring them on landing pages or top banners, allows you to grab the attention of casual browsers who may not have originally been looking to make purchases. With the right images and text, accompanied with a slick and easy pathway to the checkout, casual browsers can quickly turn into consumers. It’s all about how you inspire your customers.


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