At Superb, we join Missy Empire‘s celebration after being selected as the number one company in Britain with the fastest growing international sales in the last two years. The brand has been included in The Sunday Times SME Export Track 100, that ranks Britain’s private SMEs with the fastest-growing exports. The league table is produced by Fast Track, the Oxford firm that researches Britain’s top-performing private companies.


According to The Sunday Times: “Missy Empire has excelled in gaining the support of social media stars, and relying on the manufacturing background of the brothers to obtain products manufactured in just five or ten days (…) sales reach £ 13.9m, and the sponsorship of popular bloggers and reality show stars with a multinational appeal, such as Scottish-Lebanese model and blogger Emily Shak, who has 800,000 followers in countries such as the US and Denmark, has helped boost exports to £ 3.3 million, an average increase of 360% per year since 2017.


As an industry leader in the fast fashion world, Missy Empire has experienced phenomenal growth since being established in 2015. Due to the rapid success of the business, the previous technology provider was unable to support its growth. Since March 2016, Superb has been working with Missy Empire to ensure an excellent experience for the brand customers by providing a wide range of services including web development, performance monitoring systems, technical SEO, digital marketing and consulting.


We are happy and proud of being part of this success. Congratulations, Missy Empire!