Our Services: marketing

Here at Superb, we offer all kinds of online marketing services. We are versatile and able to support companies whenever they need help, we work with a wide range of clients, to deliver tailored approaches around whatever they are unable to achieve internally. We provide all aspects of Digital Marketing based on where and when it is needed.


Here are some of the Digital Marketing services we offer:


Social media

From Community Management to Social Media Strategy, our approach to Social Media is linked to our Marketing approach: Enhance your social presence by creating and sharing good content, will have a positive impact in your user engagement and can help you drive sales and increase your revenue.


We, as an agency, can manage all channels –from implementing strategy, creating assets, and engaging with the community–, to set clients up so they can manage their Social Media activities themselves.


Content marketing

We can contribute towards content creation and manage our client’s content calendars so that they can gather the materials that they need for campaigns ahead of schedule.


Influencer marketing

We are specialising in Influencer Marketing: From establishing who our clients should target, to identifying the relevant people that they should collaborate with, including managing the relationship with the influencers, the follow-up, and the reporting.


Email marketing

We create integrations that sit between email platforms and websites. We enable clients to capture all the customer data that they need and get it GDPR before it’s added to their email platform. We make sure all the customer data is easily accessible so that you can segment based on different variables which will then inform your content.


We can design and build the emails themselves. We work on welcome campaigns, which are sent out to new customers. The system we implement also sends out basket abandonment emails and replenishment emails. We manage the email database and make sure there are strategies in place to expand it.


Affiliate marketing

We carry out analysis work on the affiliates our clients are currently using to make sure they are getting a new customer to their site rather than merely attracting the sorts of customers who return off their own accord anyway. We also make sure affiliates can get the information they need from your site’s product feeds.



We also provide a full and robots SEO service when we build your new website. Read our approach to this service here.


Technical marketing

We also carry out some technical marketing such as making sure product feeds are up to date and have all the right information and that the site fields meet their specification. The product feed work requires us to run regular custom reports from Google analytics.



We run PPC campaigns for our clients; this includes Google search, bid management and data analysis. With our paid social campaigns, we analyse how users interact with the ads created and optimise budgets between the different social channels depending on performance. We run successful conversion focused campaigns.


We ensure that the three channels of the Display, Search and Paid Social are working seamlessly together.



Superb is an award-winning digital agency. We provide expertise in the field of Digital Marketing and also deliver dynamic websites built with Magento. Get in touch to discover how your business can succeed with our help.