PayPal launches Braintree v.zero SDK


Fresh from their PayPal takeover, Braintree the payment gateway firm has just made an exciting new announcement with the launch of its latest product a new version of the Software Development Kit (SDK), aptly named Braintree v.zero SDK. The new product is set to be a huge asset to eCommerce site owners, looking to integrate effective payment functionality into their sites. What Braintree v.zero SDK offers, is much more than just a conventional digital payment system, it is the final link in the well oiled machine that is your eCommerce site.


If there’s one thing that customers appreciate it’s smooth, time-saving online checkouts. Studies show that there is a huge dropout rate at the check out stage amongst consumers and this is because so many online checkouts fall short of the quick and easy standards that customers expect. Braintree’s new v.zero SDK can change all that with its user friendly design and full compatibility with all major credit cards and payment methods, including PayPal. Here is the key selling point which merchants should take note of: the new and improved software has Paypal already integrated and listed as a payment option. By simply selecting a setting in the software’s control panel, web masters will be able to allow the payment system to begin supporting PayPal. Furthermore, there is also scope for the payment system to begin to start accepting non-card payment methods, such as cash or direct bank debits, in order to meet the demands of many customers around the globe, who now expect these payment options to be readily available. The software is set up to allow web masters to add any future payment methods Braintree decides to integrate, seamlessly. This could be a valuable feature going forward, as new payment methods are springing up all the time and it is important that web-developers have the means to integrate them into their sites quickly and easily.


V.zero SDK essentially simplifies payment method details down to a token, so you never need to worry about what method users choose to pay you with. With integration having a single point of configuration, you can manage your integration in the systems control panel, or with just a few lines of code.


Another great feature of the new product is the “drop-in” user interface, which is perfect for start-ups in their earliest stages looking to adopt the new technology, without having to do a great deal of integration work. There’s good news for larger companies too in that v.zero SDK can be customised so that the checkout is fully assimilated to the merchant’s site, reflecting original themes and layouts. This prevents customers feeling like they are dealing with a third party site, that may not be fully affiliated with the site that they are purchasing from.


Where as previously developers would have had to build their checkout experiences for iOS, then for Android, then for web and mobile web, the new improved Braintree software is multi-compatible. The v.zero version only takes 30 minutes to install, whereas previous versions took a full half hour.


The calibre of Braintree’s customers speaks volumes about the quality of their products. Customers include: Airbnb, Angry Birds (Rovio), Uber, HotelTonight, Fab, LivingSocial and Big company.


Braintree V.zero SDK is set to change the way you accept payments from your customers. With the exception of crypto currencies, you will never again have to worry about not being able to accept certain payment types. With seamless integration that can be managed with just a few lines of code, the v.zero SDK will add ease and security to the day to day runnings of your eCommerce site.  These are exciting times.