Superb live stream the first instantly shoppable fashion show

Superb’s marketing team played its part in history by supporting a premium fashion brand to reveal its latest collection at Milan Fashion Week.


The star-studded show unveiled the new collection before a packed audience of more than 1,000 guests at the show, and was live streamed to millions of people across multiple platforms, including their website and TikTok.


The fashion show items were instantly shoppable via the live stream on their website in 13 countries across Europe. In the UK, it was the first premium brand to enable TikTok users to shop directly from its TikTok live stream, using the new TikTok Shop feature.


The shows in Milan feature the world’s largest fashion houses including BOSS, Emporio Armani, Diesel, Gucci, Prada and Versace. 


Matthew Blay, Co-founder and Managing Director of Superb, said: “It is incredible that the team and I were able to be part of this pioneering moment. Our experience with live streaming, and working with TikTok Shop meant we were well placed to partner with this brand and deliver for them. As you’d expect, the impact of an event of this magnitude was huge. We can’t wait to deliver this experience for our brands across the world.”


The result of the show was another stunning social media moment for the brand, as it continues to target a younger and more global demographic as part of its growth strategy. Digital-first consumers want to purchase runway looks as soon as they are revealed, and the show helped drive a hugely successful ‘see now, buy now’ approach.


Superb has built new studios to produce live stream shopping and video production, using the latest technology and equipment to create content for multiple brands. The high energy shows support brand and product discovery, while driving conversion and brand advocacy.


The production of the live streams take place in the studios, in-store at major store openings and product launches, and at events such as fashion shows and festivals.