Superb live streaming from production studios in Devon

Superb’s marketing team is now creating viral shopping content for social media giants from its studios in Devon.


As one of a handful of UK marketing agencies approached by TikTok to deliver live streaming, Superb uses its e-commerce and content production expertise to deliver exceptional live streams and video production, and is an official partner with the social media platform.


Superb has built new sets in their studios to produce live stream shopping and video production, using the latest technology and equipment to create content for multiple brands. The high energy shows support brand and product discovery, while driving conversion and brand advocacy.


Matthew Blay, Co-founder and Managing Director of Superb, said: “We have been exploring live streaming opportunities, and the chance to work with TikTok is awesome. It’s been fast-paced, finding new presenters and creating custom-built studios for live shopping. What is really exciting is being able to provide this service for our ecommerce clients, and we want to share this opportunity with local companies. The future of online retail is changing, and we want to remain at the forefront of it.”


TikTok Shop is an exciting new form of social commerce that allows businesses to create new engaging content through short videos and live shows, reaching a wider audience.


Presenting products in a live environment on TikTok allows brands to promote their products in detail, and through demonstration give personal reviews and recommendations. This form of advertising is interactive and welcoming to social media users, particularly Gen Z, and allows for capturing and retaining new customers. By engaging with your audience, you can connect with them, which assists in driving conversion and revenue.


Superb delivers digital marketing and e-commerce solutions to forward-thinking retailers across Europe, and the opportunity to work with TikTok means they can offer their clients another creative service. This complements existing work on Instagram Live Shopping, Twitter Live Shopping, Facebook TV, Amazon TV, Snapchat and Twitch.


The way consumers shop has changed and Superb’s ecommerce experience provides their clients with a competitive advantage. Superb works with clients across all retail sectors including beauty, fashion, tech, home and living, sports nutrition, food & beverage, and fast-moving consumer goods.


Nick Peres, Head of Content Innovation, said: “We want to reach out to businesses across Devon and the South West to share with them the value of adopting live stream shopping early, and how we can support them on this journey. We welcome any business to come to our studios and experience the energy and buzz created by live shopping.”


Visit @wearesuperb on TikTok to see Superb’s latest content and live streaming. For more information about Superb live streaming visit wearesuperb.com/live-streaming