How to create a killer YouTube strategy

In recent years, Instagram and Snapchat have changed the way we create and view videos. Everyone from 14-year-old Social Media addicts to start-up content creators, consider themselves experts on video. Despite the growing appeal of short, snappy video content, YouTube is still the video king, with 5bn videos being watched on its platform daily. So how as a brand do you navigate this complicated platform, to get the most out of it?


Create lean-back content

A common misconception amongst video creators is that videos are only successful if they go viral. Often content creators do all that they can to create the sort of videos that have that infallible ingredient that those cute kitten videos have that makes them so popular. The reality is, short viral videos are not the benchmark when it comes to video success. These days users watch videos on their mobile devices for longer periods and not just “on the go”, you can, therefore, afford to make your videos lengthy, educational and detailed.



Be consistent. All good YouTube channels have a degree of uniformity about them. These channels post videos at the same time, with the same regularity. In the case of bigger brands, this means every couple of days. If you don’t have the resources to post content this frequently, just make sure your videos follow a similar style. Use the same actors, or use the same colour scheme, text and similar themes throughout your content. This will make your channel feel familiar to visitors and with familiarity breeds loyalty.




Build a community

YouTube is not just about brands creating and distributing videos in a cyclical fashion. It is about creating a community that your consumers can engage with and feel part of. This becomes achievable through comment sections. By allowing your consumers to comment on your videos and communicate with other users, sharing opinions and ideas, you create a platform for discussion and interaction. This ultimately results in a shared sense of belonging and community. As a channel owner, you must ensure that you respond to comments to make sure your consumers feel valued and connected to your brand.


Optimise for search

Yes, your videos don’t need to go viral for them to be successful, but you do need to make sure your videos are visible and easily found. So, what steps can you take to make sure your videos rank highly? Well, first of all, you need to ensure that you include major keywords in the title of your videos, use relevant tags, and always include a well -thought out and detailed description.


Adapt to mobile

YouTube traffic more often than not comes via smartphones. So how as a brand can you make sure your YouTube channel is appealing to mobile users? Well, first let’s consider how consumers view mobile content and how their approach is different from traditional television or laptop viewing. In essence, viewing on mobile is more immersive. Consumers are less likely to be multitasking while watching a video on mobile. Therefore the content you deliver needs to be relevant and engaging in real time to have an impact.


YouTube is a complicated beast and one that you really need to do your homework on before you make it your brands new home. Create a community through branded content that is consistent in style and imagery. Make sure your videos are visible and easily searchable, and you will be starting your YouTube journey from a strong position.