Superb win a special Kudos Award!


We are delighted to announce that last week we won a special Kudos Award from CSSDA (CSS Design Awards). This is a highly coveted award that we are delighted to be recipients of. The award was given to us in recognition of the quality and performance of a website we recently created for the global children’s fashion brand Sunava. Client satisfaction is hugely important to us and always comes first, however it is always nice to receive a professional pat on the back from industry bodies, who recognise the exemplary work that we do.


CSSDA is a web design and development awards platform that recognises and showcases the work of agencies and freelancers that have produced excellent creative and innovative websites, which have a particular focus on functionality and usability. By winning a CSSDA award, recipients have the added advantage of knowing that the recognition comes from major industry leaders. The winner is selected by an international judging panel of experts who are leaders in the fields of web design and innovation. The panel is comprised of in-house CSSDA judges, who judge websites professionally and creatives such as cutting-edge designers, directors, and developers.


We are in good company, previous award winners have included professional creatives from the corporate, government and educational sectors. CSSDA pride themselves on uncovering some of the real gems out there in the creative world and look to unearth them and give them a platform upon which to be lauded. They also keep an eye out for more established agencies that they think are coming up with the goods and celebrate their triumphs too. Being such strong champions of web design and development talent, we are honoured to be recognised.


Only original sites are considered for the award and the judging panel look to mark entrants based on their site’s creativity, code, functionality, usability, and content.


The site, which our Kudos Award is for, is called Sunuva. It’s a global children’s fashion brand, which designs UV protective swimwear and beachwear, made from UPF 50+ fabric. We are proud of the work we did on this site and think the quality and style speaks for itself. Usability and functionality are prominent on this site. The site not only showcases and promotes the Sunuva products well but from a design point of view, it is incredibly stylish and sleek. In terms of aesthetics, it does not disappoint.


It’s always nice to receive an award like this and to know that we have been acknowledged for the hard work that we do. The fact that this award has been given to us by a panel of experts who are at the cutting-edge of advancements in the fields of web design and innovation is a huge plus. However, customer satisfaction is paramount to us. We are dedicated to seeing that our clients receive a site that emphasises who they are, has the capacity to increase sales and above all makes the task of running an online store seamless. Once this has been achieved, any awards that come our way are icing on the cake.