As predicted in the social media trends for 2022, video content continues to gain ground within brand marketing strategies. The figure of the “creator” has become equally crucial as the influencer when it comes to connecting with audiences, sharing exciting content and reaching hundreds of users.


However, the organic relationship between video, creator and viewers has evolved. What used to be an exclusive entertainment space is now an industry that moves millions and in which the leading platforms provide creators with tools to monetise their creativity.


For example, in June 2021, YouTube announced its “Shorts Fund”, a $100 million fund for the creators of its platform. This action was in response to TikTok’s initiative to launch its own $200 million funds. And although it seems that YouTube tries to compete in the arena of short videos, led by TikTok and followed by Instagram Reels, experts say otherwise.


According to an article published on Android Central, Richard Lachman, an associate professor at Ryerson University and an expert in social media, thinks that the audiences of TikTok and YouTube Shorts are different. While TikTok is speaking to a younger generation, most of YouTube’s users are the ones that “do not get TikTok”. However, he also affirms that YouTube has done an excellent job of keeping its audience engaged and, at the same time, attracting a new niche thanks to Youtube Shorts.




New functionalities and monetisation alternatives for “Shorts” creators.

Despite the criticism and comparisons, YouTube Shorts seems to be establishing itself as an alternative tool for the long-standing community of video platform users. In fact, YouTube recently reported that Shorts have, to date, amassed over 5 billion views.


In addition, the most popular Shorts are featured in the so-called “Shorts Shelf” on the main page when accessing Youtube. At the same time, the most popular creators now show their recent Shorts along with their videos on their channels’ main page.




In a recent post published by Neal Mohan, Head of Product at YouTube, he stated that Youtube Shorts plans to implement new video effects, more editing tools, and the option to respond to comments by creating a short, just like on TikTok.


In the case of content monetisation, YouTube plans to introduce new ways to present branded content, including SuperChat, an alternative for creators to monetise comments (comments are highlighted, and viewers can pay to appear in that section). Likewise, the platform will include the option of live videos, gifted memberships (just like on Twitch), and finally enabling the ability to buy from a Short.


Better analytics to diversify the content

While adding more functionalities to enhance the quality of the content, Shorts’ performance will also be improved thanks to the update of the Youtube Studio. This will help creators understand how viewers are engaging with their content. Furthermore, by enhancing data analysis, YouTube seeks to diversify the content of its best creators by offering them “Shorts” as a promotional alternative to attract more viewers to their channels.




In addition, the platform does not rule out joining the blockchain and NFTS meta-universe. According to Mohan, “offering a verifiable way for fans to own videos, photos, art, and even unique experiences from their favourite creators could be an interesting prospect. Of course, we need to make sure we approach these new technologies responsibly, but we think there’s also a lot of potential“.