12th August 2020

Building your online presence. Interview with Hana Roucková, Teleperformance

Building your online presence. Interview with Hana Roucková, Teleperformance


Monday mornings seem a little bit different for all of us these days, especially for Hana Roučková at Teleperformance. She has had to change from starting her week at a beautiful office in sunny Barcelona to Google Hangout meetings and Zoom calls.

Hana has been part of the Google Project team for almost two years now. As an account strategist, her role entails guiding brands on how to create a successful online presence and an effective marketing plan. We sat down with Hana to gain her opinion on what are the right ingredients for a successful digital strategy.

What are the main aspects to consider when a brand is building an online presence?

If it’s a new business that nobody is aware of or what their unique selling point is, the first thing is to build knowledge about the market and the ideal target audience. When you’re establishing your online presence, it is essential to understand which channel is best suited to your strategy. When the business starts to grow, you can expand your reach. Display ads tend to be more effective in this stage because they consist of impressive product visuals that capture the attention of your customer, and you can visually showcase your expertise.

And what about an effective paid marketing strategy for online retailers?

Firstly, start with your website, because, at the end of the day, you are leading users back to your site. Social media moves so fast that you cannot drive your customers to a slow website. Everything needs to be displayed clearly for a successful online presence: the CTA, the shopping basket, the search tool, the filters, etc. A user-friendly interface is critical, as well as a good SEO strategy. Also, your website needs to be mobile optimised, that is a priority.

Secondly, the content of your campaign. You need to use unique and glossy images and videos to capture the attention of the customer. It is really about showcasing your product. For example, YouTube and Instagram stories are a great way to communicate with your users. When it comes to advertising, Youtube has a short length ad (up to 6 seconds), that customers cannot skip (unless they have YouTube premium), so within those six seconds, you have to communicate a very compelling message.

And thirdly, the objective of the campaign is crucial. You need to ensure that your client has a clear, achievable goal set out. And you, as a marketer, need to understand it and set a realistic budget for it. For example, if the campaign is for awareness, increase in sales, traffic to the website or lead generation, it needs to be tailored to that objective. Also, each campaign should focus on one purpose only to measure results efficiently.

What are the roles of organic social and content creation in the marketing strategy?

Organic Social is accessible to more users rather than just the targeted customer. An essential aspect of organic social is engagement. As a brand what you need to do on social media is interact with the users and build a relationship. Then, your engagement will be the results of those interactions in terms of sentiment, likes, shares and comments. This will improve your online presence exponentially.

In the case of content creation, engagement is also essential, but from a different point of view. Allowing comments can create a sense of community, inviting users to subscribe to your blog is an effective way to increase your mailing list. Competitions and giveaways are also a great way to keep users engaged. Feedback is crucial when it comes to content creation, as it enables the user to become involved in the creative process.

TikTok & Instagram vs Facebook

92% of social marketers are using Facebook for advertising. However, with the rise of new social media platforms like TikTok and the addition of new features and updates to the Instagram ads, many experts are questioning the relevance of Facebook for brand advertising.

Are we expecting a rise in ads on TikTok and Instagram?

It depends on what your business is about and who you want to target. One of the aspects that always comes into my mind is the demographic factors like the age and location. Brands need to be able to determine what social channel their target market spends most of its time. In the case of TikTok, I think it is an exciting network. But, I feel it is too soon to analyse its marketing success. Despite being one of the fastest-growing platforms; there is still a lot of guessing. Especially in some countries like the US, that is considering banning it.

Speaking of the target market. What does it need to be considered when building a target audience?

The first thing your brand needs to analyse is necessary data such as the location of your audience or which language they speak, and what they are looking for when they arrive at your website. It is better to make decisions based on data rather than assuming who to target. Be able to gather data is crucial. But the main thing to keep in mind is always doing it ethically. Always give your customers an option to opt-out and have cookies notifications and data privacy information displayed on your website. Consumers trust is vital for your business.

What is the future of eCommerce post-pandemic?

The pandemic pushed a lot of businesses to rethink their presence online. Fashion retailers, hospitality and restaurants may have already had the option to go online and experience eCommerce. Other sectors like education and fitness needed to adapt quickly to keep the business afloat. In the foreseeable future, we will see a massive shift to online and companies looking to develop an effective digital marketing strategy. One of the things to take away from this pandemic is to become ready for uncertain times. But, most importantly, how crucial it is to have a robust online presence and to build a strong online community.



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