How to use packaging to your advantage

One guaranteed way to make a lasting impression on your customers, is through great packaging. This is an opportunity for you to add an extra touch of customer care and add to the overall brand experience. You will be surprised how much your consumers value good packaging. In the past, retailers have treated packaging as an afterthought, but these days it has been elevated past the status of functional plastic bag. So where to start with how to wrap your products? Let’s look at some of the design trends out there and also examine the real benefits of thoughtful packaging.


When sending your product in the post, remember that this could be the first time that a customer has come into physical contact with your brand. It’s vital that you make a good first impression and exude the positive attributes of your brand that you want to portray.


A positive first impression can illicit a variety of responses from your consumers, many of which are incredibly useful from a marketing perspective. An interesting new trend has sprung up on Instagram, Vine and other social media channels, involving videos showing consumers opening the products they have ordered online. Often the products are beautifully wrapped and consumers want to show off the funky packaging. It’s equally as common for consumers to make videos of themselves opening their products, purely to showcase their new items. This is excellent publicity for eCommerce site owners. Not only are you getting free brand exposure, but if the videos are positive, which the majority are, then you are also receiving free testimonials from your customers. It’s no surprise that research shows that this encourages other consumers to buy your products too.


Research also shows that consumers are starting to expect their products to be delivered wrapped in interesting packaging. They expect the packaging to be specialised and for it to contribute to their overall shopping experience. With this in mind, many eCommerce sites have upped their packaging games, with certain ones introducing a variety of clever designs and touches. For any eCommerce business to stay relevant and desirable, it is vital that they compete on the packaging front.


In 2016, we can expect more brands to put emphasis on their packaging. Look out for the following trends, set to influence the way businesses approach the wrapping and sending out of their products.


Aesthetically pleasing, branded boxes:  This is a technique popular amongst high-end exclusive brands. These retailers want to make their customers feel special. The aim is to reflect the lifestyle that the consumer base aspires to. These consumers seek a sophisticated, exclusive identity and by delivering their products packaged with style and finesse,  eCommerce merchants can contribute to this aim.


2. Personalised notes: This is a great way to get on the right side of your customers. Essentially what is happening here, is that you are establishing a personal relationship with your customers. By sending thoughtful personalised messages along with your packaged products, you will engage your customers on a much deeper level. It is an approach that is likely to foster loyalty and henceforth repeat purchases.


3. Eco-friendly packaging: We are seeing eco-friendly packaging more and more in eCommerce delivery. Due in part to the increased numbers of consumers and millennials in particular, expressing environmental concern. Recycled paper and environmentally friendly materials, are favoured by many modern consumers. If you are selling in countries with strong environmental consciences, or to young people in metropolitan areas, it may well please your consumers to know that not only have they bought some sought after items, they have also helped the environment.


Packaging is a great way of enhancing the eCommerce experience for your consumers. It allows you to bring the branding from your website into the physical world, via the delivery of your product. The increase in social videos of consumers opening cleverly wrapped packages, means there is a huge opportunity to have your brand promoted online, free of charge courtesy of your happy customers. Look out for some of the creative ways you can approach eCommerce packaging, such as through the use of eco friendly materials, personalised notes and on-trend styling.